Bath Robes

We offer an exclusive variety of Bath Robes in absorbent cotton, polyester and blended man-made materials. These bathrobes are designed according to latest international design and offered in a variety of colors. We like to say that the gown is often the garment, which compromises the quality of search should not be. This piece of clothing is extremely personal and selecting correctly can ensure a long comfort each time it is worn. Bathrobes made ​​of various fibers: usually the lasso or combed cotton, wool or blends, velours and even polyester. As usually worn on a naked body - recommended to choose a thick and well excess moisture absorbent cotton. Especially convenient is the "type straight" terry cotton bathrobes. They are soft, pleasant to the touch, well washed and long life. When choosing a gown correctly evaluate yourself the required size - sleeve length, waist size and overall length. Robe is usually recommended for larger size than the other usual portable clothes. This casual clothing does not have to be tight - livery of freedom of movement, it will feel freer in a humid environment (bath, pool or spa), and if necessary, you can quickly and easily change clothes.