Bed Linen Home Made Textile

Bed Sheet

We offer Bed Sheets in an assortment of neutral shades, and for those who like trimmings, in prints and stripes. Created from organic cotton and blended materials the bed sheets offered by us induces comfortable sleep. These are durable and affordable.

Bed Comforter

We create a range of Bed Comforters in refined designs that appeal to those who care for quality and visual appeal in equal measures. These comforters are manufactured from cotton and polyester mix and act as a bed cover and body cover. Our products are easy to wash and maintain, affordable and can be customized.

Bed Quilts

We bring for our clients a variety of Bed Quilts in cotton, silk and polyester. Embellished with premium cotton stuffing and /or sponges the bed quilts are ideal for mild winter times. Our range of bed quilts is cost effective and is easy to maintain.

Bed Spread

We offer a very high quality range of Bed Spreads in special cotton, polyester and beautiful prints in floral and geometric designs. The bed spreads can be washed at home or dry washed. The color is enduring and the materials shrink resistant.